Mainline’s First Apprentice!

13th May 2024

Meet Kaine Watkiss, Mainline Haulage first HGV driver apprentice. Kaine started with Mainline Haulage in February 2024 with the aim of moving from his car licence to HGV Class 1.

Since starting with Mainline Haulage as a Class 1 HGV apprentice, I have embarked on a journey that has been both challenging and rewarding. The world of heavy goods vehicle driving is a complex and demanding one, requiring a unique set of skills, knowledge, and dedication. Over the time I’ve spent with Mainline I have not only improved my driving abilities but also developed a deep understanding of the industry, its challenges, and its potential for growth.

Mainline have introduced to the fundamentals of HGV driving, including vehicle maintenance, safety procedures, and route planning. I quickly learned that driving a large, heavy vehicle is not just about manoeuvring it on the road; it also involves understanding the intricacies of the vehicle itself, from its engine to its braking system and learning how to perform routine checks and identify potential issues.

One of the most valuable aspects of my apprenticeship with Mainline Haulage is the opportunity to work alongside experienced drivers and an amazing office team. I am fortunate enough to have a great team around me who are not only skilled drivers but also patient teachers. They shared and continue to share their knowledge and expertise, guiding me through the complexities of the role.

As I progressed through my apprenticeship, I began to learn more about responsibility, including planning and executing long-haul journeys. This involved not only understanding the route and potential hazards but also managing my rest breaks, fuel consumption, and vehicle maintenance. I quickly discovered that being an HGV driver is about more than just driving; it also requires strong organizational skills, problem-solving abilities.

Throughout my time as an apprentice, I also gained a deeper understanding of the logistics industry and the critical role that HGV drivers play in keeping the economy moving. I learned about the various types of goods that are transported by road, the challenges faced by the industry, and the potential for growth and innovation. This knowledge has not only made me a more informed and effective individual but has also sparked a huge passion for the industry.

In conclusion, my journey as a Class 1 HGV apprentice with Mainline Haulage has been a transformative experience, As I continue to progress in my career, I am excited to apply my skills and knowledge to help drive the industry forward and ensure that goods continue to be transported safely and efficiently across the country. I look forward to many years to come in my career with Mainline Haulage.

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